Why buy a Camper Van, build one for less !

In this practical book, camper van converter Colin shows you, step by step how to convert a van into a bespoke camper van. Learn how to do it, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Over 13 chapters the book details all the conversion jobs, skills, tools, resources and equipment needed to convert any van or minibus into a family camper van.

Based on Colin's personal experience of converting, it is packed with practical advice, delivered in a down to earth style. Through out, everything is explained in plain English and illustrated with over 340 high resolution photographs and graphics, including a full leisure electrics system diagram with mains hook-up, solar power and battery to battery charging.

Additionally the book includes 7 appendices : cost and time break down / analysis, day by day work diary, full list of all items purchased, full supplier list and a list of internet resources available for converters.

This book will help you do it quicker, to a higher specification and more economically. Its all you need to get started.

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Preview the first 2 chapters of the book here.

My book has sold all over the world, from London to Tasmania, with many happy customers, you can read their comments here. The book has also received excellent independent reviews :-

"If you are considering a camper van conversion, you'll find this guide a great source of information and a good investment before you start your conversion." - campervanlife.com

"Colin has meticulously photographed and documented everything he did, using this material to produce this book." motorhomeplanet.co.uk

"Awesome book, Fast service, Fantasic a must have!!!" Julian, customer

"Your book is the most useful resource I have! It has the kind of practical information you really need and the photographs are just excellent." Bob (Converter), Yorkshire.

"Your book was all I wished it to be and the section on wiring was top class and well illustrated to say the least.", Fred, South Africa    

If you want to see more of my finished camper van conversion, see the video : click here. or go to www.mycampervanconversion.co.uk for more details.

Good luck with your project,

Regards, Colin.