The electrics that you design and fit to your your van are, in my opinion,  the most important part of the conversion process. Without power a camper van is fairly useless.

That is why after a lot of research I produced a full wiring diagram for a self contained camper van leisure electrics system, including solar power, mains power, battery to battery charging (indirectly from the engine), gas alarm, lighting, water pump, fridge, control panel and digital battery monitor.

This system can easily be changed to fit your requirements, maybe you need more solar power for wild camping or maybe you don't need mains hook up.

This section of the book contains :

  • Electrical installation planning
  • Batteries, Numax LV26MF * 2
  • Battery box and securing
  • Full wiring diagram
  • Components sourcing
  • Cable routing
  • Solar panel installation, SunshineSolar
  • System Installation
  • Electrics housing